Breaking The Speed Limit

“From the first word to the last I was hooked. The banter between them is fun, and there was so much love that I felt like I had a permanent smile on my face.” Thelma & Louise Blog  3/24/2022


Single, but unsettled, Stefano Borelli, spends his days creating masterpieces loved by his clients. Surrounded by family and friends, his loneliness still plagues him.

Until she bursts into his life. A stubborn woman with too much baggage, too much to say, and a child in tow.

Far too much trouble.

Except, he likes her spark. The way she refuses to listen. How beautiful she is with her son. How right she feels in his arms.

The way she makes him feel whole.

Can he convince her to give love a second chance?


  • Publisher: Moreland Books Inc
  • Publication Date: March 31 2022
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
  • Language: English

Author Melanie Moreland gives readers men who are all about protection, kick ass women who can carry the world on their shoulders while raising the next generation and characters that we can all relate to. Karen_Lee_Reads, Goodreads 3/17/2022

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